4 Reasons why a Private Investigator Can Be More Helpful Than an Attorney

He isn’t the same as before. He is infatuated with his cell phone – busy texting away every second of the day. He spends more time away from the house – spending time with “the guys” apparently. For some reason, he has become extremely sweet to you, as though he’s compensating for something.

You know what’s going on. Your first instinct is to reach for the phone and dial an attorney. Any attorney – your spouse is clearly playing you out. However, such actions are ill-advised and far too hasty. You might want to consider cheating spouse private investigator before you seek out an attorney. Here are 4 reasons why.

Reason #1 Prevent Rushed and Emotional Decisions

A cheating spouse private detective doesn’t merely investigate your supposedly unfaithful spouse. They are there to guide and counsel you every step of the way. When something as sacred and precious as a relationship is threatened, we tend to mistake normal behavior for infidelity. Our private investigators in Atlanta will help you interpret your spouse’s behavior without letting emotions take control of any decision. Often times, suspicions are put to rest and you can put the matter behind you without any fuss. This is because a cheating spouse private investigator is trained to act discreetly without embroiling your relationship in a huge yet easily avoidable mess.

In comparison, involving an attorney may alert your spouse and create further complications. Attorneys are not specifically equipped to handle discreet payments; whereas our private investigators are prepared to allay any problems you face with discretion. Furthermore, most attorneys are merely concerned with the legal aspect of your situation rather than the emotions and feelings which are just as important. With such high-stakes, it’s wiser to take things slow, control your emotions, and get a second opinion.

Reason #2 Get Accustomed to the Legal Process

Our private detectives, be it in Atlanta Georgia or Buford Georgia, will get you acquainted with the legal process and the art of managing an attorney – and all this advice is completely and wholeheartedly free. Picking the right attorney is a crucial decision to make, yet many still fall for some classic attorney tricks. For example, most Attorney Referral Services refer you to lawyers who pay for the said referrals rather than getting you the ideal attorney. Most individuals are caught unaware of these tiny facets. However, a cheating spouse private detective is geared up to prep you for the complex legal world and all its pitfalls.

Rushing to the first attorney you find is usually a recipe for disaster. You might be lucky with your choice of attorney. For most, however, this isn’t the case. You may end up with a less-than-knowledgeable attorney, or one that is keen to strip your pockets of cash. Without a sturdy understanding of the legal process, you might also be taken for a ride by your attorney. Hence, it is essential to have some basic understanding concerning legal procedures and what to expect during a case.

Reason #3 Uncover the Evidence First

The first step you should take when confronted with possible unfaithfulness is the “discovery process”. In short, it is vital to gather as much evidence as possible. This will allow you to ascertain the true extent of the affair before you consult an attorney. It is important to note that attorneys merely present your evidence – their job is simply to carry you through the legal process. However, a private detective has the advantage of going beyond and securing the much needed evidence to support your case.

Our private detectives in Atlanta are equipped with a range of tools to aid you in the quest for truth. Our GPS Vehicle Tracking will allow you to get a good picture of your spouse’s activities and movements. On the other hand, Cell Phone Forensics and Phone Number Tracing will give you key insights into interactions between your spouse and others. This will allow you to recover deleted text messages as well as identify who exactly your spouse is conversing with. Computer Monitoring can provide information such as tracking web history and Instant messaging chats. Not only can our private investigators provide you these services, we will ensure you are on the right side of the law when using them.

Reason #4 It’s Simply the Cheaper Choice

Simply put, a cheating spouse private investigator is the most economical option compared to hiring a counselor and attorney. The cost of a private investigator is a mere fraction of that of an attorney. In some cases, a private investigator will help you avoid a court case altogether – after all, who needs an attorney if you find out your spouse wasn’t cheating after all? Private detectives offer a holistic and all-encompassing approach to handling the possibility of infidelity, yet their price is much lower. With our private detectives at The PI Agency, you always get solid free advice to boot – try finding an attorney with the same offer. At the same time, be wary when hiring a private investigator through a law firm. You might end up paying 4-6 times more than usual.

Wrapping Up

Private detectives do far more than just uncovering evidence. They guide you through the whole process. They don’t simply ‘catch’ a guilty spouse. They advise you, counsel you, and familiarize you with what’s to come. Even with a wider range of services, private detectives are still far cheaper than most attorneys. Our private detectives in Atlanta are more than mere investigators – they are your guide in what is a complex and emotionally-entangled ordeal.

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