Is Someone Listening?

Is Someone Listening? You hadn’t set the phone down for more than a minute when she called demanding to know who this mystery girl was. Your first reaction is to look over your shoulder, but even after spinning 360 degrees you don’t see anyone. There a few people across the street on their phone looking […]

Cheating When Children Are Involved

Cheating When Children Are Involved You’ve had this nagging suspicion for so long that he’s cheating. All the red flags are up: the phone calls, the late arrivals home at night, and he activated that gym membership that he stopped using after the first year of marriage. Then he comes home and his face lights […]

The Other Woman

The Other Woman In the blur of emotions after the confirmation your husband is cheating its common for the other woman to spring to mind. Who is she? What does she have that you don’t? Most of all, why her? On some level you understand why the cheating occurred, the underlying tension between the two […]


Polygraphs Have you ever wondered what a polygraph test is or thought, “Do these test really work”? If so here is a break down about the Polygraph test and the pros and cons about using this type of test. The foundation built on the Polygraph test is that telling a lie is stressful and because […]

5 Types of Cheaters

5 Types of Cheaters The arguing is over and the affair has been drug out into the open. Still full of adrenaline and conflicting emotions the different relationship options start flashing through your mind. One of the biggest will likely be: Should I stay or do I demand we end it? While there are a […]

Financial Infidelity

Financial Infidelity There is a form of infidelity that has become rampant, and it doesn’t require actual cheating. Its financial infidelity and according to recent studies almost half of our population may be committing it. Unlike physical and emotional infidelity it doesn’t require a spouse to be having an affair with another person. However, this […]