Moments with You Couples Devotional 11/15



She Fed Her Husband Dog Food

To sum up, all of you be harmonious . . . kindhearted, and humble in spirit. 1 PETER 3:8

This is no joke. Real people. Real struggles. Real reality.

Brett returned home from work one night, took a bite from the meal his wife, Tina, had prepared, and declared, "This tastes like dog food!"

"Fine," Tina snapped back. "You don't have to eat it!"

The next night Brett took a couple bites from dinner and practically choked.

"What on earth is this?" he said.

"Last night you said my meal tasted like dog food," Tina replied. "So tonight I decided not to waste my time making anything special for you. I just fed you dog food!"

Many would have said this was a marriage without hope. Brett and Tina were typical of many couples today—struggling through life with no game plan for how they could be successful in their marriage.

They decided to attend a Weekend to Remember conference because someone gave them a free registration. What did they have to lose?

Midway through the weekend, Brett recommitted his life to Jesus Christ.

For Tina it was a different experience. She disagreed with many of the messages she heard.

On the final morning, she stormed out and demanded that they leave.

Brett drove Tina home and then returned to the conference by himself.

Over the next few months, Brett began to demonstrate to Tina that he was a changed man. He applied some of the lessons he learned at the conference and gradually began to win Tina over through real love. Tina's heart softened, and eventually she invited Jesus Christ to be her Savior and the Lord of her life.

A year after they first attended the marriage conference, they came back, walking hand in hand. They still struggled, but now they possessed a relationship with the God who designed marriage in the first place.

Brett has learned to appreciate Tina. And her cooking.


If God could change a marriage like this, what could He change in your marriage?


Ask that God will give you the power to truly live in harmony with each other, in the spirit of 1 Peter 3:8-9.  

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Encouraging the Strong



Encouraging the Strong

Mighty men of valor, men trained for war, who could handle shield and spear, and whose faces were like the faces of lions. 1 CHRONICLES 12:8 

Recently I had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting with a high-ranking officer at the Pentagon in Washington. What was planned as a 15-minute appointment turned into more like 45. He told me that two of his sons were currently serving in the same unit in Iraq. A war takes on a different face when you talk to dads and moms whose sons and daughters are in harm's way every day.

He said he starts his day by reviewing a list of names of the men and women who have died in battle.

We closed our time by praying for this officer and his family. As I prepared to leave—after praying with him for his work and the safety of his family—he handed me a pair of bronze medallions. On one side were these four statements that are especially meaningful to soldiers:

Mission first.
Never accept defeat.
Never quit.
Never leave a fallen comrade.

As he pressed the medallions into my palm, he left me with instructions to give each one to a soldier who I met during my travels. "Tell him not to lose heart and to be courageous."

About a month later, I had my first opportunity to accept his commission, placing one of these medallions into the hand of an officer at one of our Weekend to Remember conferences. He was preparing to return to Baghdad for the seventh time, and tears welled in my eyes as I thanked him for protecting our country, my family, my kids and my grandkids.

As you have the opportunity, I hope you'll encourage these brave men and women as well.


How do the four admonishments on the medallions pertain to your own wars at home, at work and in the prevailing culture?


Pray for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen who are out there right now, sacrificing all to honor our nation and keep us safe.

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